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Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Steps in Process Innovation: A Conversation with Shawn Valenta

Not all innovation is created equal. Not all groundbreaking ideas come in a flash. Oftentimes,  an innovative idea is developed in small, incremental steps. On today’s episode, Shawn Valenta shares how he uses process innovation to improve the industry of telehealth and how teams can take incremental steps every day to create new value in the world. 

About Shawn Valenta:
Shawn Valenta is the Vice President of Healthcare Cloud – Clinical Services at Wellpath, one of the largest private correctional healthcare companies in the country. With over 20 years of clinical and health care leadership experience, Shawn has a demonstrated record in clinical transformation efforts, successfully achieving results with a focus on quality improvement and cost-efficiency. Shawn is currently overseeing the creation of two of the largest telehealth services ever created in correctional healthcare, Virtual Nurse and Wellpath Now. Wellpath Now is an emergency medicine telehealth service that was recently highlighted at HIMSS 2022. 

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