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What Innovators Can Learn from Kids: Tara MacDougall

In today’s episode we have the opportunity to hear from someone who works with some of the best innovators in the world. You would think that innovator is someone like Elon Musk, but it’s not. Our guest works with people who have been proven by Harvard Business School and other institutions to be the best problem solvers and innovators. These innovators are kids. Our guest is Tara MacDougall, the president and CEO of the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro Tennessee. 

About the Discovery Center
Chartered in 1986 as Children’s Museum Corporation of Rutherford County, the Discovery Center provides hands-on education opportunities for the community. An extensive grassroots campaign orchestrated by young parents led to purchasing a building and creating exhibits and programs. During its first year of operation, over 11,000 visitors came to experience the museum’s exhibits and programs. Now, 30 years after its inception, the Discovery Center serves as a vibrant community and tourism center with over 120,000 children and families exploring the exhibits each year. Their vision is to build a community with the courage to ask thoughtful questions, the drive to find creative solutions, and the confidence to implement positive changes.

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