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AI Advantage is the step-by-step program for companies to achieve real business results through AI implementation without wasting unnecessary time or financial investment.
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The Real Challenge With AI

You know that artificial intelligence (AI) can transform your business. However, the real challenge isn’t simply knowing about AI or wanting to embrace it; it’s navigating the intricate maze of strategic decisions, operational hurdles, and tactical steps required to transform AI’s theoretical benefits into tangible, impactful results for your business. Thrivence has helped companies leverage the power of AI. Our plan will work for you too.

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Implement AI in 6 Steps

The AI Advantage Program

Imagine reducing costs while simultaneously improving project outcomes, accelerating sales cycles, and becoming an employer of choice for your industry’s best talent. This is not just a vision for the future; it’s a tangible reality we can achieve together in 2024.

By joining the AI Advantage Program, you will:

  • – Gain access to a proprietary 6-step process that helps your firm identify the most impactful areas for AI implementation
  • – Be prepared to lead the transformational change your firm will experience as a result of AI
  • – Share the journey with an exclusive cohort of executives representing firms in your industry
  • – Benefit from heavily discounted pricing that reduces risk and maximizes value
  • – Receive 40+ activities, 25+ deliverables, and an implementation plan in 100 days

The AI Advantage Process

Our proprietary 6-step process helps your firm identify the most impactful areas for AI implementation. This also includes 40+ activities, 25+ deliverables, and an implementation plan in 100 days.

1. Define AI Objectives

2. Assess AI Readiness

3. Invest in Talent

4. Create AI Governance

5. Conduct a Pilot

6. Establish ROI Metrics

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Client Success Story

Recruiting: Job Posting Performance for 50 Days Using AI

A leading engineering firm was struggling to attract talent, so we developed a custom AI initiative to optimize job postings. Traffic to postings doubled and dramatically increased applications, reviews, and interviews.

  • Applications: 132% Increase
  • In Review: 2,260% Increase
  • Interviews: 375% Increase
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The AI Advantage Program

The Benefits

    • – Receive a plan for utilizing AI
    • – Get trusted advisors that could clarify the AI unknowns for you and your team
    • – Gain confidence in the specific benefits of AI and the value it can provide your firm
    • – Make tangible, dramatic improvements in how you serve clients
    • – Discover a clear path for introducing and scaling AI within your organization
    • – Develop widespread adoption of AI quickly because you were diligent in getting it right

We’re here to help you win. Let’s talk.

  • Schedule a complimentary consultation
  • Work with our team to craft a custom solution tailored to your business
  • Experience transformational results

We really needed some outside expertise around strategy and executive coaching. Thrivence has not only helped us develop a strategic plan but helped implement it every step of the way. The growth curve of Colliers is in much better hands with Thrivence as our partner.

Janet Miller Market Leader and CEO, Colliers Nashville

Thrivence has been invaluable in helping us see potential opportunities and threats, developing a strategic plan for our digital content, and connecting us with other resources as we look to build Tennessee’s newest theme park.

DeLisa Guerrier Co-Founder of Storyville Gardens & Managing Partner, Guerrier Development

Thrivence is our preferred partner for leadership development and coaching. Our teams love the Thrivence coaching experience, and because of it we have gained an accelerated path for developing leaders at Tend.

Ellen Hitt Senior Vice President of People, Tend
Janet Miller
DeLisa Guerrier
Ellen Hitt

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