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Case Study

Transforming the Visualization of Nashville’s Urban Growth with Custom 3D Modeling

The Situation

Nashville Downtown Partnership, a prominent player in promoting and fostering the vitality of downtown Nashville was seeking a way to convey the dramatic urban growth of downtown Nashville over a span of 20 years (from 2013 to 2033) to their community leaders during their annual meeting and awards luncheon. While charts, graphs, and presentations are informative, they often lack the impact and immersive experience that visual storytelling can provide. Their objective was to create a high-resolution visual that would encapsulate two decades of transformation and serve as a highlight at their annual luncheon attended by over a thousand key decision-makers and stakeholders.

Our Approach

Recognizing the power of 3D modeling in conveying spatial and temporal changes, Thrivence’s technology solutions team took a multi-fold approach:

  • Advanced Aerial Photography & Lidar: High-resolution images of the downtown area, ensuring that each facet of the region was depicted in crisp detail. Lidar technology, which measures distances using laser light, allowed us to map and model the intricate topography and built environment of downtown Nashville with unparalleled precision.
  • GIS Modeling: Geographic Information System (GIS) modeling provided the necessary tools to integrate, analyze, and visualize the spatial data collected, transforming it into a dynamic 3D representation of the city’s past, present, and anticipated future growth.
Barge Design Solutions & Thrivence Leadership at the Nashville Downtown Partnership Annual Luncheon. From Left: Justin Graham, Jonathan Childs, Bob Higgins (CEO of Barge Design Solutions), and Michael Stahl (CCO of Thrivence)

The Value Delivered

The video, showcased at Nashville Downtown Partnership’s annual luncheon, made an immediate impact. The 1,100 leaders present were not just watching a video; they were taking a journey through time, witnessing the metamorphosis of their beloved city.

The model provided more than just a visual, it:

  • Fostered Appreciation: By showcasing the city’s progress over a decade and the potential for the next ten years, it created a sense of pride and appreciation for what the community had achieved together.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The future projections based on real data empowered leaders to understand the trajectory of the city’s growth, facilitating more informed urban planning and policy-making decisions.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: The immersive nature of the 3D model made the story of Nashville’s growth personal and tangible, fostering a deeper connection with its stakeholders.

In partnership with Thrivence, Nashville Downtown Partnership not only showcased the city’s evolution but set the stage for informed, forward-thinking development decisions for the future of Nashville.

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