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Driving Economic Growth Through Custom Technology


Nashville’s rapid growth generated in part from companies making this Tennessee city their new home resulted in the need to showcase Nashville’s dramatic changes. City officials required a solution to technologically illustrate the evolving downtown skyline to prospective businesses looking to relocate there. The city asked Thrivence to apply its engineering and technology expertise to custom-build a dynamic new modeling system.


Thrivence studied with city officials the need to use a robust technology that can not only produce a “wow” factor, but also be flexible to incorporate future structural modifications in the Nashville skyline. We then leveraged GIS (Geographic Information System) modeling software, architecture and engineering records, aerial visuals, and other resources to custom-develop a 3D model of downtown. We also designed a web-viewing capability for the city to share with prospective relocating businesses.


  • Provided an interactive visualization of downtown Nashville that aids the city in driving economic growth
  • Reinforced the widespread perception of Nashville as being technologically advanced, especially in support of corporate vitality
  • Delivered a custom solution that matches the specific needs of the city and that has long-term value through its easy-to-update capabilities

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