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Senior Consultant

Deborah Casaubon

Deborah Casaubon is deeply passionate about talent acquisition. By aligning individuals with their ideal roles, she empowers organizations to fulfill their aspirations and achieve exceptional results. Her experience includes serving companies such as Cisco, HCA, and Wellpath, where she has consistently driven growth and innovation. Deborah believes that innovation is most potent at the peripheries of an organization—where teams directly interact with customers. It is this diversity in thought, experience, and background that cultivates truly effective teams. Her enthusiasm is most evident when leading high-performing teams, particularly within Engineering and Healthcare sectors. Deborah thrives in both expansive and turnaround scenarios, known for her ability to drive scalable business outcomes and provide pertinent solutions. Her professional approach is characterized by a strong collaborative spirit. Deborah excels in bringing clarity to complex situations, delivering quick wins early, innovating, leading cross-functional teams, and exerting substantial influence to achieve strategic goals.
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